Design Advantages
System Advantage
Technical Advantage
Service Advantage
Design Advantages
Intelligent integrated touch panel replaces traditional mechanical switch system to take over the whole house intelligent electrical equipment
Gesture Distance Camera
sensor Brightness Sensor


Infrared transmitter Infrared transmitter
(TV, air conditioning) (TV, air conditioning)


3.5 inch TFT LCD color screen Humanized Interactive Interface

(Resolving power480*320) (Personalized Customization)


Infrared transmitter Infrared transmitter
(TV, air conditioning) (TV, air conditioning)


Night light
System Advantage
Based on innovative technology, Donggang Intelligence devotes itself to the research and design of humanized smart home system and the creation of quality life.
Provide products and services for all users who love life and explore the joys of life
Lighting control system
Door and window curtain system
Door Lock Security System
Environmental Monitoring System
Central air system
Video and Audio Entertainment System
Energy-saving Management System
Technical Advantage
Donggang Intelligent Panel uses Android 6.0 system, carries watchdog to ensure safety and not crash, and has a variety of communication modes.
Humanized design touch, voice, mobile phone APP three modes of operation collaboration, life from then on relaxed and happy
Multiple communication modes to connect all scattered devices
Android System, Carry Watchdog Safely
Sensitive Touch + Intelligent Voice + Functional Fine APP
Cloud Platform not only facilitates storage but also ensures data security
Service Advantage
Professional team, technical guidance support, customized service plan and after-sales guide for sales area protection and project case sharing
Joining process
Mutual trust, common prosperity and win-win cooperation
Application submission
Cooperation and negotiation
Contract signing
Join formally
Continuous service
Wechat Scanning Attention
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